The Project

Supporting the construction of a safehome through district-wide fundraisers to house, educate, and protect young women living among the Maasai tribe in Kenya is the objective of our service learning project.  As a unified school district, we seek to provide our students with opportunities to learn about the Maasai people, understand their needs, and explore ways we can make a lasting difference in their village.  Empowering and inspiring our students to lead and serve a cause greater than themselves with empathy and compassion is the standard for this campaign.  Please stay tuned to this forum for updates to our campaign.  Together, we will make history!

Phase 1: Foundation Building

Cost: $9,242 US
Time Frame: 6 months


Phase 2: Wall Construction

Cost: $6,500 US
Time Frame: 3 months

Phase 3: Roof Construction & Finishing

Cost: $6,000 US
Time Frame: 4 months

Phase 4: Furniture & Equipment

Cost: $6,000 US
Time Frame: 2 months