The Partners

Building this safe house will quite literally take a village – Chief Joseph’s organization, MAGSA-Outreach, has partnered with Jefferson Township Public Schools and Durga Tree International to ensure the safety and empowerment of the girls of the Maasai tribe. He is also asking for the support of schools and communities he comes in to contact with on his educational speaking tours of the US.


is a charitable group registered in Kenya. Founded in 2010, they are a Maasai community based organization with a vision of improving the living standards at the village level through education, mobilization of resources, community participation, appraisal, and capacity building. MAGSA campaigns against cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation- Female Genital Circumcision, early child marriages, and polygamy. Through engaging community elders and educating the youth, they hope to eliminate these practices from the Maasai culture.  Website  –   Tax ID for Kenya  –  Registration Form

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Durga Tree International is a New Jersey based 501c3 NGO founded in 2013 that works with partners around the world to help populations at-risk of human trafficking. Through sound business practices, creating economic platforms and educating survivors, Durga Tree supports programs which enable survivors to become thrivers, thereby increasing their chances of remaining outside of the slavery cycle, as well as protecting the next generation. In the spirit of collaboration, qualified partner organizations and their programs are vetted based on the Durga Tree International mission. The organization supports their individual and collective strengths through fundraising, community outreach and education. Through educational initiative, local US communities are educated about the many facets of Modern Slavery including their personal relationship to Human Trafficking.   Website  –  EIN: 46-3018281




Jefferson Township Schools and Project Stay Gold are based in Morris County, New Jersey. The district is committed to providing a quality education to all of students, from kindergarten through grade 12. With approximately 3,000 students district wide, the seven schools promote the highest standards of academic excellence, as well as the highest social and ethical expectations within the learning community.  JTPS believe that Jefferson Township students should develop a sense of responsibility emphasizing interpersonal relationships, good citizenship, cultural and global awareness.
psg logoProject Stay Gold is an organization on both the Middle and High School levels that was founded in 2013 as a student abolitionist movement. Participants are motivated to start the conversation about human trafficking as a major issue in our world today. Using the power of education, they hope to awaken a modern-day abolitionist movement among the students inside schools and classrooms. Young people are highly sensitive to issues of injustice and are motivated by empathy to make a difference and to bring about positive change in our world. This groups believes that students have the capacity to be the history makers of today.   JTPS website   –   PSG website